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Well that’s it for another year. The holidays are over. The new year brings new years resolutions (I don’t even bother anymore), a fresh start and time to reflect…All my reflecting told me is that I had piled it on and need to get back to the gym, so that’s my resolution I guess…

Spending the holidays back in Cheltenham reminded me what life is like outside of London. Randomers smiled at me in the street (whereas that usually means either they’re a creepy loner , you’re going to get stabbed, or both) and no-one pushes passed you to get to where they’re going. On the downside, everything closes at 5pm and the only place to get a coffee is Starbucks (which closes at 4). Christmas TV was average at best (The Snowman and Snowdog – utter letdown), but Christmas dinner was as usual worth waiting a year for.

New Years in Camden; didn’t make it into Camden til 11.15pm so that was that.

Finally, I thought I’d share this clip my brother showed me which has been cracking me up. It’s from the White House Correspondents dinner in 2011. Comedian Seth Meyers utterly destroys Donald Trump (whilst he is sat 10 yards from him) and gets to the point where even President Obama can not hide his laughter.