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A few weekends ago I ditched my muggle exterior and unleashed my inner pre-pubescent wizard as I caught the Hogwarts Express from platform 9 3/4 to the Harry Potter studio tour. And when I say ‘Hogwarts Express’, I TOTALLY mean my car.

As a casual Harry Potter fan at best, I had somewhat little in the way of expectations. While I was pretty excited as we joined the queue, I was also well aware that much of what I was about to see would be flying over my head faster than a Nimbus 2000 (Oh yes, I went there).

The tour started with a video about JK Rowling’s masterpiece, detailing how it had taken the world by storm and swiftly become a Hollywood sensation. I was starting to get in the mood, and as the doors to the Great Hall opened before me, the lightning shaped scar on my forehead started to form and I was converted within a matter of seconds. One by one, I could feel each cell in my body being enchanted by the intricate display of props and models, and this was added to by the occasional live costumed character. I even managed to hire a deatheater to creep up behind and scare my girlfriend. I found it funnier than she did.

If you haven’t visited already, the HP Studio Tour is definitely worth a trip! Highlights included the sickeningly sweet Butter Beer (0% alcohol and packed with sugar, just how I like it); a bit of window shopping down Diagon Alley; some incredible artworks and my personal favourite, the scaled down models of the Hogwarts grounds.

It’s definitely a great day out, regardless of whether or not you’re a Harry Potter fanatic. I might even go as far as saying I’d visit again! Would save me from reading the rest of the books… Anyway, I hereby give the Harry Potter Studio Tour the official Francis Vu seal of approval.

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