Movember blog

Good day/evening avid Ian Roe blog readers,

I’ve probably been keeping it quieter that I should’ve, but I’ve been growing my tash (yet again) but this time, it’s for the good cause of Movember. Impressively, it’s now coming to the end of the month and we are already seeing some curls to the ends, which means it officially only takes me just ONE MONTH to grow a vintage handlebar moustache, so that’s something new to put on my CV.

I made a little video blog about it on my YouTube show, so do check it out below. There’s just 1 day remaining, so it’s really important that you ALL donate just £1. That’s all I’m asking, nothing more, nothing less. Everyone has a £1 coin in their back pocket or in their bank account and if everyone in the world donated £1 … JUST to me… then we’d be saving balls for life. Just £1… the link is (and yes, it rhymes… I’m made for Movember).


(Just £1)