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It’s that time of year folks. The holidays are slowly but surely creeping upon us.

Usually all the retailers selling Xmas things from September (!) doesn’t affect me, but since I have seen the classic Coca-Cola advert on TV, I’m all festive! Bring on the Starbucks egg nogg coffee (which at first couldn’t have been worse and now I love), and Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas on repeat on the iPod.

I have begun making my Christmas list already and looking up the best places for mulled wine (it’s foul, but festive). I’m just hoping that when Miracle on 34th Street comes on TV, I’m alone; it’s an emotional film, along with The Santa Clause with Tim Allen (who I usually find horrific!).

So in keeping with the theme, here is the most festive commercial ever to get you in the mood!