Ian Roe (Main)

Bonjour! (I’ve always wanted to use an exotic form of hello, and that was my chance so relish the moment people)

Just me again, with another YouTube video. You might all be aware by now that I’m more of a ‘video’ fan which it comes to blogging, writing is AWESOME, it truly is, and I discovered my passion for writing during my A Levels when I did English Language (Got a ‘B’ by the way) so I’m definitely good at it, I think. But video is just so much fun-er and you can add all sorting of funny floating titles and sounds and colours and lots of that kind of malarkey.

ANYWHO… the real purpose of this blog was to showcase to you my first ever MUSIC SPECIAL on The Ian Roe Show, where by I had the fantastic opportunity to catch up with a very up and coming electronic rock band from Derry, in Northern Ireland called ‘Wyldling’. They’re good craic – the Irish love this word I discovered – and I love their sound so I thought why the heck not. Check out the videee below.