Ian Summer Holiday blog

Last year (2011) the world bestowed upon us [apply ambient echo filter] ‘The Ian Roe Show’. Now, I’m sure those of you reading are no stranger to that name. For most, it makes people weak at the knees but for others, it sends chills down their spinal chord. But one thing ‘The Ian Roe Show’ does for all of us, is make us laugh (very minutely) but more importantly, bring ENTERTAINMENT into our lives.

Last year saw the very unique, yet worryingly cringeworthy ‘Ian’s Pickup Line Of The Week’ make it’s debut on the hit YouTube show, and it went down a STORM. People across the earth would sit there repetitively refreshing their YouTube page to catch the latest clip in time for their messy night out, and the reason why is was so loved, was simply, because it worked. A very simple concept combining nothing more than a cheesy pickup line (or ‘chat up’ line if you’re that way inclined) delivered by myself to a extensively boobed blonde honey. Like I said, it worked. The success rate of these pickup lines were 100% and it was getting people shags, left right and centre.

So, in this weeks blog, we’re taking a few steps into the past, to reflect upon some of the greatest, worst and damn right weird moments of ‘Ian’s Pick Up Line Of The Week’ so we can make the final curtain call for the much loved weekly clip.