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It’s been over a year an a half since my entertainment services have been snapped up by Red 24 Management. And along the way, I’ve been to numerous castings. Some for presenting, others for TV commercials, some bizarre, plenty hilarious and also a few serious ones. Over all though, it often makes me chuckle when I think about the things I’ve had to do and I thought I’d take it upon myself to enlighten you on my casting journey, so you can get a feel for the life of a budding entertainer. Today’s casting…washing detergent.

COMPANY: Undisclosed

CHARACTER: Generic Hippie



T’was a rather intimidating one this one. Walked in, greeted by plenty of outrageously tall and handsome guys. Made me look like Shrek in comparison. Hm, maybe not as bad as Shrek ’cause I’m not that bad looking. Ah yes, the donkey, yes. There were a vast range of hippie inspired looks. This ranged from impressive beards, to funky long barnetts, baggy jeans, skinny jeans…Flip flops (?). Really, do hippies pay THIS much attention? I just threw on a H&M jumper. Method actor?

Anyway, the casting was not particularly out of the ordinary. I basically had to pretend a magic puff of floating detergent hit my skin and changed my disheveled hippie look into a new and improved hippie look. I gave it my best ‘waw, look what’s happened to me, this is amazing’ expression and BOOM, out the casting room I went. It’s all festival inspired so perhaps they’re going for a young audience but either way, I hope I get it as it means I’ll get to travel to LITHUANIA. Ooooo.

Anyhow, thanks for reading…more casting blogs to come soon.

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