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Paul Weedon

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The Olympics are coming and I’m super excited.

I live in Stratford so general living and transport issues are going to be a nightmare, but so what!? I’ve managed to bag a full set of tickets and as always I shall be embracing the madness.

The great thing about being in Stratford at the moment is the fact that there are athletes in their national colours absolutely everywhere. I keep stopping them to have a chat (they don’t seem to mind, honest) and by doing this I met one of the most inspirational people that I’m ever likely to meet, Kieran Behan.

At the age of 10, a benign tumour was found in Behan’s leg and complications from the surgical operation to remove the tumour left him in a wheelchair. 15 months later, defying the odds, he returned to his gymnastics training. Not long after his return, he fell off the high bar during a training session and suffered a head injury which resulted in a brain injury and damage to his inner ear affecting his balance and co-ordination skills. He was once again confined to a wheelchair, and had to relearn simple skills to sit up, move his head. The injuries left him unable to train for 3 years, and doctors told him they did not expect him to be able to walk again, never mind be able to do gymnastics.

This guy is now competing in the Olympics as only the second Irishman ever in gymnastics. Look out for him; He deserves our support more than anyone.