Ian ROe Show blog

Hello all,

Thought I’d give you all a quick general update on the ‘Roe’ life since most of my other blog posts contain mainly useless information – although, Mold, c’mon, that’s like, staple information EVERYONE should know. Right?

So anyway, I’m doing just great thanks. Keeping my self busy with lots of things. This 2012 started off a storm actually. A good storm though, like an awesome Rainforest storm as opposed to your standard British storm. After the tail end of 2011 bagging myself an appearance in the next Matt Harding Visa ad (still have no idea when, how or if it’s aired yet) I began 2012 with my first official Presenting job for Reelkandi TV presenting a weekly online Music News segment. It’s proper bo, you should check it out at www.reelkandi.tv. I mostly look like a man in drag though due to needing cakes of fake tan and bronzer makeup to lift the coloures of my celtic (yet dashing) pale complexion.

Speaking of amazing skin complexions, in between all of this, the amazing TV Commercials extraordinaire Joanna Sturrock managed to bag me a très exciting Pilot TV commercial role for [PRODUCTION TITLE CONCEALED DUE TO CONFIDENTIALITY PURPOSES] and the make up artist said my skin was (and I quote directly) ‘like touching cashmere’. Yes. Thank you very much. Please.

So, we all know about the Birdy Music Video. Over 3,000,000 hits on YouTube. Lead male heart throb, yadee yadee yah you’ve heard the story on that one.

Then, out of nowhere, a well known supermarket brand with a mobile phone network invited me to numerous auditions for their latest TV ad (which I got – duh obviously) which saw me dressed as East London’s biggest fashion victim holding a pet piglet – which took a dump down my side at least once every 10 minutes – aw but it was ceeeeee-ute! Definitely the funnest production to be a part of.

And then here we are, back to reality. Which at present see’s me sitting on my uber uncomfortable bed (I need a new mattress, any one got a spare one?) typing away on my jiz ridden MacBook Pro keyboard – did I just say that :O SHOCKER – I’m just kidddddding kids.

So what’s next. Well Mr Paul Weedon, Agent man of the century what is next eh… ehhhhh? I quite fancy interviewing Marina and the Diamonds at some point, I’ve recently become a little bit fascinated with them. Or perhaps I could become Jamie East’s mini me side kick and be the guy who runs around the Big Brother camera runs reporting controversially boring happenings? We shall see people.

All I know is I have a brand new showreel and if you haven’t seen it already then please do not forget to watch it below.