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My name’s Tristan and as of this week, I am the latest addition to the Red 24 Management team. My official role is Presenters Assistant, supporting the department with whatever they require, which so far I can report has been a pleasure doing so (but – it has only been a week.) As a part of my initiation, I am to write a blog to you lovely people in order to introduce myself, keeping you in the loop n’ all that.

I’ve never actually written a blog before, so one about myself should be an easy start. I’ll keep it short and sweet, painting you a picture with words of how I got here.

I was born and raised on the Isle of Wight (insert incest, lack of electricity/roads, and caravan holidays as a child jokes here), and since have studied Film in Oxford and lived in London for only a few years. Coming from a post-production sound studio in Soho, I am now delighted to be working closely with great talent in the industry, for a company which follows such a caring philosophy.

I have received a very warm welcome to Red 24, and already been invited to Paul’s house party at the end of this month, which I’m guessing may be the final stage of my initiation.

To find out how I do, I’ll meet you back here next month.

(Hopefully) See you then.