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Fashion Live – Scotland

Danni Menzies |

For the last few weekends I’ve been hosting the Autumn Fashion Fix events for Fashion Live, one in Aberdeen and one in Glasgow. Over the 4 days, in total, we held over 30 fashion shows in two of Scotland’s biggest shopping centres with thousands of spectators getting inspiration for their new autumn wardrobes!

After a delayed train up to Glasgow (aren’t they always?!) I also appeared on STV talking though the event and ensuring the crowds were in full force all weekend.

It was a manic few weekends and invaluable experience, but ultimately great fun… Despite sleeping in a bath tub one evening, my excited wee mummy and no 1 fan got to come see me do my thing and give me a good spoon in the Premier Inn!

I love fashion and shopping, it hardly felt like work!

The models in the shows were lovely, I most certainly made a few friends and it was really wonderful to not be one for once and get to chat my socks off.

Here’s a few pics from the shows!



Bare minerals created the makeup looks for myself and the models – I obviously invested in some new products!



The Gorgeous girls in Aberdeen.


We went exploring in the evenings… This was taken seconds before I fell and rolled down the hill!

Lots of people listening to me…!



My cute wee mummy aka No1 fan.

Chatting fashion on STV! X


Louise Ault |

It is quite unbelievable to me how many people get out their mobile phones to text during live theatre, or have a chat to each other throughout.

Have we come to such a depressing time that people can’t sustain their attention spans for little over an hour until an interval to be on Facebook, text people or speak in general? They will still be there when the lights come up. The world will have not ended (well, it might have ended for you if you are unlucky enough to be sat near me and do any of these things.)

It’s hard to escape into the world the theatre creates for you if someone has their phone out with a bright screen lit up too.

Hamlet didn’t have a phone. He was fine without it.

In the last two weeks during every show I have attended (6) someone near me has got out their phone during the show and usually at a dramatic/sad/relevant moment to the plot. Unable to help myself I have felt obliged to politely ask them to put it away, to which they then usually look at me as if I am being rude.

The closer to the front you are, the even worse it is as you distract the actors too.

You must never distract an actor. Especially if they haven’t eaten. There’s no telling what they might do.

Theatre tickets, especially the West End, are pricey. Bully for you if you can afford to spend £65 on a ticket and then talk or text throughout. For a lot of people it is a once a year treat you are spoiling.

I long for the day a rule is put in place that ALL phones must be handed into lockers before a show or you can’t go in.

Hey, ‘CATS’ is coming back to the West End this Christmas. Why not get your phone out during that? You might find a 6 foot annoyed silver tabby in your face. Don’t mess with the cast of ‘CATS’. They spend 3 hours in lycra unitards. That’s enough to make anyone turn into a cold blooded killer at the best of times.

Alternatively, just get me there and I will take out a hammer and sort the phone problem for you.

Who’s next?…



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