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London Bucket List

Kerrina Gray |

As a newbie to London life, I have decided to write a London Bucket List so I can get to know the city better. I want to make sure I have a go at all the touristy things, as well as finding the hidden gems. Hence, my bucket list includes the traditional (changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London), the creative (the Tate Modern and Shakespeare’s Globe) and the brand new (The Olympic Village and Emirates Air Line), amongst lots of other things. I thought I would fill you in on my trips and maybe give you all some ideas if you fancied exploring the big city a little further.

This weekend I decided to try somewhere I didn’t even know existed until I begun the research into my London Bucket List; Little Venice. Having visited the real one (and also the very fake one in Las Vegas), I just had to see London’s offering. 

It was rather a cloudy day, which probably didn’t help its cause, but Little Venice is not quite what I was expecting. For a start, there are no gondolas, no St Mark’s Square and no gorgeous Italian men! However I did enjoy a nice stroll around the canals, which felt brilliantly out of place in the middle of Maida Vale. It was odd to see little houseboats against the backdrop of the skyscrapers. Definitely worth a visit if you fancy a bit of the countryside in the big city, just have a look at my photos…



Seeing a shop dedicated to The Beatles, and being a huge fan of the fab four, has made me want to seek out the famous crossing on my next trip!



Mickey Mouse Reunion

Frankie Vu |

Over the past couple of months I’ve been back on set for Disney Goalmouth and, despite the misleading title of this blog, Mickey Mouse couldn’t make it to the shoot this time, much to my dismay. (There’s a pun waiting to reveal itself from that sentence, I’m sure of it!)

Nevertheless, we soldiered on and have managed to get some really good looking shots, despite my mug being plastered all over them. The kids were fantastic and showed some really impressive skills, but more importantly I think they really enjoyed themselves!

Being the intrepid adventurers that we are, we battled the floods and treacherous conditions to make our way down to Chichester, which is where we filmed the Footy Lab strand of the show. I’ve seen some of the raw footage and I have to say it’s looking mighty fine!

If you’ve forgotten what it all looks like, you can expect it to look a bit like this… But better!


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