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98 days until xmas?!

Elena Croft |

So, the wonderful head of Catface, Charlotte Austin, informed me today that it is 98 days until Christmas… What a terrifying prospect! Not so much the length of time, but that anyone would countdown to this when it doesn’t even involve a little window and some chocolate?! I might have to design a 100 day advent calendar.. hmm… if anyone works for Cadburys you know where to find me! Alternatively, if you just want to give me free chocolate you also know where to find me*.

*Realistically, for safety reasons, I hope no one knows where to ‘find me’. It’s a scary world guys!

I realise this ‘blog’ isn’t about what I have been up to, but I have been doing so many exciting things that the internet might explode if I share them. Re-watching old seasons of American Office has not been one of them. Nope, no sir-ree.




Proud to be Scottish; Delighted to be british

Danni Menzies |

I’ve held back on sharing my opinion on Scottish independence so far.

I am not well informed enough on the subject to argue with you as to why you should change your vote from Yes to No, and sadly my option is of little importance as, despite being Scottish and having lived most of my life in Scotland, I am not allowed to vote.. Which seems unfair in itself?!

What I will say on the subject is that I have always been very proud to be Scottish, as we all are!

Scotts are known to be passionate, determined and often a force to be reckoned with, which is why it saddens me so much that in a world where children are starving, people are murdered, raped, abused and even publicly beheaded, there are so many proud determined Scotts ‘fighting’ to be Independent.

The referendum is a distraction of greater issues. Yes voters ‘fighting’ to be Independent in a world where there is so much more to fight for.

The time, energy and money that has gone into this ‘fight’, driven by nostalgia and greed, is misplaced. If only you all cared enough about the rest of the world to apply that passion and determination to a worthier cause.

If we become independent it will be the first time in my life I will not be proud to be a Scott.

Proud to be Scottish, delighted to be British. X

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