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Bonkers for Bikram

Nicola Hume |

Sweaty sweaty sweatness.

That has been my life for the last month.

So I was heading out of the Heart FM studios recently and spotted a ‘Bikram Yoga’ sign right next door. Interesting.

So I went home and googled it.

Hot yoga. Not just hot yoga. Boiling hot yoga.

Basically it’s like yoga in a sauna. 42 degrees to be precise!

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve never been a big lover of yoga and always found it quite slow and a bit meh… but Bikram Yoga… NOW WE’RE TALKING!!

So the following day I walked in and said to the lady behind the counter: “Let’s do this.”

Her reply, and I quote, was : “OK great, now in your first Bikram Yoga class your main aim is just to stay in the room.”


“Just stay in the room and do what you can, if you feel like you’re about to faint then lay down on your mat for a couple of minutes but don’t leave the room.”


“Now Nicola you’re quite lucky as today the room isn’t as hot as it usually is, so it’s a good starter heat for you.”


“We do the same 26 poses in every class, some are much tougher than others.”

Uh huh.

“Only sip your water when we tell you and never stretch so far that you’re in pain.”


“Just do what you can, you’ll learn to love the heat.”


So in I go… Blimey it’s hot!! And this isn’t it’s hottest?! Are you kidding me?! After about 2 minutes I could feel sweat dripping down from my earlobes!!

Not just that, but I’ve never been in a room with so many men and women in such small clothing. I kid you not, the man next to me was in the shortest shorts I’ve ever seen in my life. You couldn’t even call them shorts! They were just… a bit of material.

Proper ‘Yoga-ites’, do you know what I mean?

Focus Nicola. Don’t make yourself look like a plonker. Try and fit in.

I managed to keep up with the moves, except for the balancing ones. I fell down a lot.

And an hour and a half later I was out of the room. Phew! I made it! I stayed in the room! Now someone get me a shower!

I can honestly say I have never sweated so much in my entire life! It was like my hair was just a water tap, pouring salty sweatiness down my face.


I went back 2 days later. And again 2 days after that… and now I’m hooked.

The quote ‘you’ll learn to love the heat’ is quite correct indeed. I do love the heat! And now I actually look forward to a good sweat and stretch 3 times a week.

A whole month of it has actually made my body so much stronger and much more flexible!! Don’t get me wrong, I still fall down occasionally but just not as often! Huzzah!

And yes, the more often I go, the more my clothing is minimising. My trousers turned to shorts then turned to hot pants, and my t shirt turned to top then turned to crop top.

The main thing I need to focus on is my ‘concentration tongue’. Every time I concentrate, the tongue pokes out. But hey, it gives everyone in the class a laugh.

Maybe in another month I’ll be able to put my leg behind my head!?…maybe.

Nic xx

My Christmas Single..

Nicola Hume |

Ok, so it’s now the end of the week and I’m kind of regretting mentioning my Christmas song.

I’m not gonna lie, I had a blast making it. I got quite creative in the studio and a little bit carried away behind the mic.

Right. Ok.

So here’s how it got to this moment…..

I’m now celebrating 4 months at Heart FM!! Amazing. I’m having such an awesome time. Cannot tell you how much fun I’m having. I literally laugh from 5am till midday. Good for the old tummy muscles ey.

I’m feeling settled now, really part of the team y’know. Loving coming up with the creative side of things as well as obviously delivering it on air too.


We’ve done a few ‘themed weeks’. Here’s a few of them -

- Fan week (which included me singing a Robbie Williams song to random passers by in Crawley)

- Phobia week (came face to face with my worst nightmare….a frog. Don’t ask)

- Work experience week (I became a fishmonger….don’t ask)

- The big swap week (I became a man and the boys because women. If I’m honest, I freaked out as to how manly I’m capable of looking………yeh)


And this week was CHRISTMAS WEEK!…….because it’s Christmas. See what we did there?


We were set a challenge to each write and perform a Christmas song.

Here’s the thing. I have never described myself as a ‘singer’, or a person with ‘strong vocals’.



So got in the studio and started recording…..

This was the out come…..introducing ‘Elf for a Day’, my Christmas single…


Needless to say it would be far better with Gaga’s vibrato or Beyonce’s warbling but i think I did a bloody good job!

It went down a storm too! Listeners actually want to download it!


Just picture it…*****NICOLA HUME POPSTAR*****

Maybe not. Stick to your day job Nic…


Merry Christmas!!!!


Nic xx

That New Car..

Nicola Hume |

So we’re 6 weeks in to my new job….Did I mention I’m the new female breakfast presenter for Heart Fm Sussex and Surrey? Well I am! Huzzah!! I’m absolutely loving it, it seems like all I do is laugh from 5am till midday, can’t complain about that ey?! I honestly cannot explain to you how over the moon I am about landing this role. Bloody superb!

So, as much as I’ve been enjoying the new job there have been a couple of hiccups. A couple of hiccups with on particular thing……my car. Yep.

Basically, Heart is based in Brighton (or Portslade to be precise) and it’s a good 40 minute drive for me, which I honestly don’t mind, the journey is actually a really lovely journey……when the car is moving of course.

So, just as I started the new job I bought a new car, I needed it as there was NO WAY my old Ford Puma would’ve lasted the distance to the radio station everyday. So I got myself a nearly new Vauxhall Astra diesel convertible, it looks lovely, it’s a smooth ride and the Diesel engine is very efficient etc etc……


……..yeh it totally broke down on me……twice.


The first time was in Brighton, literally round the corner from Heart, it just didn’t want to accelerate! It stopped in a filter lane and I caused SO MUCH TRAFFIC!! Oh Lordy loo!! I didn’t realise people were so impatient!! They were beeping me when quite clearly i can move! Plonkers.

So yeh, got stuck there for about 2 hours. Thank god Barry from the AA was hilarious. What a top bloke. So the car got temporarily fixed, I got home and it had to stay in the garage overnight.

(Oh and by the way, on the way back from the garage I got hit by an elderly gent driving a mobility scooter. I know it has nothing to do with the story but I think it adds a bit more excitement to the story line.)

My hubby Scott then had to drive me, at 3:30am, all the way to Brighton to get me to work. He is the absolute best!


After that, the car got fixed, all got sorted blah blah blah……..


Round 2,

Again, I was in Brighton… battery died. Yes it was slightly my fault, I did leave the interior light on for 2 hours, but does 2 hours really kill a battery? Really?!

The AA came out again, jumped the car, it started moving, all sorted!




Not all sorted…..I get on the A23, bare in mind it’s raining…

-my windscreen wipers stop.

-the lights on the dashboard flicker

-power steering goes stiff

-windows don’t move




I pull over, got out the car (which I had to do as it was so unsafe to sit in that car), I get my small brolly out and stand in the rain. It’s cold. It’s windy. I’m very grumpy. I waited for an hour for the AA to arrive again. Neil was a top bloke too. Again I got a temporary fix and he followed me back to the garage. Again, it stays overnight and and my incredible husband Scott drops my to the radio station the next morning.

Apparently the car is now fixed…..not sure I trust it though. Shall we place bets as to what will go wrong next?

On the plus side, doesn’t it look nice?



Nic x



Nicola Hume |

So it’s a year since the Olympics and I’m considering entering Rio 2016. Can you win a gold medal for train chasing? Well you should do!!

I had the most epic moment last week. It was so epic, I actually received a round of applause!!

So I was on the train (bare in mind it was a bloomin’ hot train) after a shoot with O2 and Kick the PJ from YouTube, which was awesome by the way, and was approaching Clapham Junction. Now, being a regular train travelling extraordinaire, I know my train times. Those that know Clapham Junction know its a bloody big station! Like 20 platforms!!

So, my train is due on platform 15 at 16:38

I’m currently on the London Overground slowly approaching platform 1. What’s the time? 16:35


That’s 3 minutes to get my train (well, 2 and a half as trains leave 30 seconds before)

It’s getting tense

The doors on my train hadn’t even opened yet!

I managed to shuffle my way through the carriage so I’m literally standing with my nose pressed against the doors.

We arrive at the platform, doors open, it’s now 16:36!! I bomb it out of the train, down the stairs quite literally barging people out of the way screaming “excuuuuuuuse meeeeeee!!!!”. Why does everyone walk so slow?

I see the sign for platform 15, leg it up the stairs, 2 at a time, like a boss.

Half way up I hear the whistle being blown and that little ‘beep beep beep’ you get when the doors are closing. I pounce from the platform onto the train with the doors scraping my back as they close. Unbelievable!

Next thing I know, the other passengers on the carriage are applauding me! Turns out they’ve seen me leg it up the stairs and everything.

Clapping, actual clapping.

They all looked so impressed with what I’ve just achieved. I’m not gonna lie, I took a bow. Yep.

Yes I was out of breath and sweaty but it was worth it. Now I feel like a champion. A true Olympian……ish.

Bet it looked amazing though.

Gold medal winner – Nic x

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