That Underwater Shoot…

Nicola Hume |


So last week was an awesome week. On Monday I was on a once in a lifetime shoot UNDERWATER!!

It was test the new water resistant Sony Xperia Z for O2 Guru Tv.

So when we heard that we’ll be shooting underwater, I can’t explain how excited we were! I mean how often can you say ‘yeh I’ve presented underwater’ ?!

Then came the medical………yeh…….a full on medical. We’re talking blood test, ECG’s, eye test, hearing test, exercise test, lung test….you name it we had it done. It was a tad intense for a 9 metre tank yes, but I can now officially tell people that I’m medically certified to work on an oil rig.

That’s the dream.

Then came the test run. We arrived at the underwater studios in Wickford, got thrown our wetsuits and jumped straight in. I have scuba dived before so the depth wasn’t an issue, the only challenge was getting used to the masks. They were not “normal” scuba masks as we need to be able to speak under the water, they covered your whole face. So the question is…….how do you pop your ears to get used to the pressure?!

Well, there was this prong type thing that you had to force against your nose to pop them…..was interesting.

Then came the shoot!!!!! A few days later we headed back to the studios to get cracking! All the crew were there, camera man, sound guys, director, lighting guy and we both had a safety diver each.

We jumped in our ‘O2 blue’ clothes and got in the water. Did I mention how warm the water was?! It was literally like getting in a jacuzzi!


We were underwater for around 4 hours. We went wrinkly after the first 10 minutes, gradually lost all of our nail varnish (which I’m sure is probably still floating around in the tank somewhere), got through 2 tanks of oxygen and the weirdest thing of all – how often we had to go to the loo! I know! Weird! We went a long while without having a drink but went to the loo far more often than usual! Was the water seeping through our skin?!

Anyhoo, it was such an incredible experience and THANKYOU to all the crew who helped us out and were amazingly supportive.

So here is the out come…..see if you can spot the shark.


Nicola xx