Birthday Kisses

Layla Anna Lee |

Red 24 Management celebrated it’s 5th birthday on Friday with chocolate animals, party rings, cheesecake and balloons!

I joined Red24 Management when it had just started and am so proud to be part of this talented team.

My first meeting with Paul Weedon was held in Nandos, his friend had recommend he check me out as I was hosting a late night poker channel. I did something right because as he ordered his chicken he explained why he wanted to represent me.

We spoke about many things, many scenarios and our natural worries but there were two things that stuck in my mind. Two things that I believe have held us firmly together as business partners and as good friends. We spoke about Honesty and our Dreams.

Our dreams were laid out side by side and their path was the same. We realised we were on the same track and wanted to grow together. Honesty has made that happen in the most calm, professional, friendly and trusting way.

I can genuinely call my agent about anything!

As time has passed Red24 has moved out of Paul’s living room and grown 5 fold. Now with Jonno, Joanna, Ayse and Miles part of the team, and you know what, nothing has changed!

I feel exactly the same about the entire Red24 Team as I did that first day in Nandos with Paul. I honesty feel so safe and secure that I could call any member and ask for help, I know they will be as honest as dedicated and as caring as Paul.