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Camilla Whitehill


Camilla is a highly skilled actress specialising in comedy and character acting. Since graduating from drama school in 2012; she has gone on to appear in the television show ‘Reboot’ by Hatrick Productions’ as well performing in various comedy work at the esteemed Etcetera theatre.

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Elle McAlpine


Interested in performance from a young age, Elle completed Grade 8 in the Lamda programme with a distinction at age 17. Throughout her studies, Elle worked with professionals such as playwright, Alan Ayckbourn.

Most recently she completed filming for leading roles in various short films including ‘The Love We Seek’, ‘Closer To Home’ and ‘The Visitor.’

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Nicola Hume


Nicola is currently one of the resident radio presenters for Heart Breakfast Sussex and Surrey, as well a regular host on the popular ‘Newsburst’ for 02 Guru TV. Her presenting style is refreshingly different and she is bloomin’ entertaining to watch.

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Aimee Bateman

Recruitment Expert

Aimee is a woman who genuinely cares about helping the unemployed. After spending time in care as a young adult she truly believes if she can do it, anyone can.

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Rayguns Look Real Enough – Cafe de Paris 2014

Rayguns Look Real Enough – Cafe de Paris 2014

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